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Eversys Legacy Coffee Machine

With the Légacy coffee machine, Eversys delivers a compact package inspired by DNA.

In creating the Legacy machine, Eversys has solved the challenge of maintaining a modular system while meeting the dimension requirements. The company designed the components in a way that maximized space. In order to reduce maintenance costs and time, all modules are integrated into the machine with easy access.

With the Eversys Legacy, you can configure up to four grinders to produce and choose between four different types of beans. Milk is frothed with air in the one-step system, ensuring the best taste and texture. The Eversys engineers designed special hoppers for dispensing two powders, specially designed for this new machine to make hot beverages. A new fully automatic cleaning system for coffee and milk makes cleaning the machine after service easy and sustainable.

The e-connect telemetry system tracks and processes live data from and to anywhere in the world so that it can be ensured the machine is being cleaned and operated correctly.

There is a balance between functionality and aesthetics in each element. By reducing the number of components, simplifying assembly and improving maintenance, this approach reduces costs. Reliability and durability are ensured by an all-metal construction. In terms of color and material, there are two variants of the machine. With the Eversys Legacy, you can produce specialty and high-grade coffee at your office or in quick service restaurants, convenience stores, and small coffee chains without having to take up a lot of space.


See the Eversys Legacy Data Sheet for information regarding its specifications


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The Cappuccinos and Lattes you make can be a key profit driver for your business, which means that your coffee machine is perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for your business.

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We have a range of different pricing options for the various models of machines available, for detailed information about the price of a specific machine please contact us. However to give you a guide for the various here are what we typically charge:

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