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Eversys Coffee Machine Review

Eversys Coffee Machine Review - difference between the models

Are you looking at the many commercial espresso machines out there, but are not sure where to start? We’re here to help you, we are an official Australian based distributor of Eversys Coffee Machines that specialises in helping businesses of all sizes find the right coffee machines for their needs. Why choose an automatic coffee machine?

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In today’s dynamic coffee landscape, espresso machines face a daunting challenge: exceeding ever-evolving expectations. Yet, Eversys consistently stuns the industry with its groundbreaking designs, meticulously crafted for high-volume operations. 

From charming cafes to bustling hotel lobbies, we’ve been consistently captivated by the sheer versatility and power of the Eversys line-up. Whether you’re seeking a sleek centrepiece for your downtown hotel or a revitalising upgrade for your neighbourhood coffee shop, we’ve assembled the definitive guide to help you navigate this impressive collection. 

Join us as we delve into each model, meticulously comparing their features and functionalities. Together, we’ll empower you to identify the perfect Eversys machine, tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of your business

Summary of the Eversys Line-up: A Coffee Machine for Every Occasion

For bustling environments:

Eversys Enigma Traditional and Enigma Classic

These titans of the coffee world cater to businesses facing a constant wave of coffee enthusiasts. Their intuitive design makes them perfect for venues with high employee turnover, negating any need for frequent training. Imagine a majestic, high-tech barista tirelessly crafting a symphony of flavours for your customers. That’s the power of the Enigma .

Both of the entry-level Enigmas, the E’2ct/Classic and the E’2s/Super Traditional respectively can produce 175 espressos per hour but the Enigma models can scale up to produce up to 525 espressos per hour 


For smaller coffee havens:

Eversys Cameo

This model gracefully balances efficiency and intimacy, expertly facilitating a steady flow of coffee creations in a cozy setup. Picture a charming cafe with baristas forging personal connections with patrons while effortlessly delivering flavourful brews powered by the Cameo.

In contrast to the Eversys Enigma Models, all of the Eversys Cameo Models can produce 175 espressos per hour


Eversys Legacy

The latest edition to the Eversys Family, The Eversys Legacy isn’t just a coffee machine; it’s a testament to innovation and quality. This compact powerhouse, designed without compromise, delivers exceptional coffee experiences for businesses of all sizes.
Whether you’re a bustling office, a charming cafe, or a high-volume service station, the Legacy seamlessly integrates into your space, delivering barista-quality coffee with ease. Its intuitive design and robust features empower you to serve up consistently delicious drinks, every time.
The Legacy isn’t just about making coffee; it’s about making a statement. It’s a declaration of your commitment to providing your customers with the best coffee experience possible.

The Eversys legacy can produce 175 Espressos per hour


For hospitality leaders:

Eversys Shotmaster:

A beacon of efficiency for hotels, restaurants, and other establishments welcoming large gatherings, the Shotmaster effortlessly navigates peak hours with its ability to accommodate two baristas simultaneously. Picture two baristas orchestrating a caffeine symphony, effortlessly meeting the demands of a bustling lobby

The Eversys Shotmaster can produce 350 espressos per hour while the Eversys Shotmaster Super Traditional can produce up to 700 espressos per hour depending on the model. 

Eversys understands that each coffee experience is unique. That’s why their diverse model selection empowers you to craft an atmosphere that resonates with your clientele, every single cup contributing to a lasting impression.

What Sets Eversys Apart?

Uncompromising Performance:

  • Dual Grinders: Most Eversys models often feature dual grinders, enabling simultaneous preparation of different coffee styles, perfect for high-volume cafes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The easy-to-use interface makes even complex coffee recipes accessible to everyone, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Advanced Brewing Technology: Eversys machines boast advanced brewing technology like the “Reverse extraction system,” optimising coffee extraction for maximum flavour.

Unparalleled Flexibility:

  • Variety of Models: Eversys offers a wide range of models, from the compact Cameo and Legacy models which are ideal for small businesses to the powerful Enigma built for high-volume environments.
  • Customisation Options: Many models allow users to create and store custom recipes, tailoring the coffee experience to their specific preferences.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

  • Premium Materials and Build Quality: Eversys machines are crafted with premium materials like stainless steel and ceramic for durability and long-lasting reliability.
  • Meticulous Design: Each model is meticulously designed for optimal performance and ease of use, making them a joy to operate.
  • A Focus on In-Cup Quality: Eversys prioritises delivering consistently delicious coffee, with features like temperature control and pre-infusion ensuring the perfect cup every time.

Eversys eFoam

Eversys’ eFoam feature revolutionises milk frothing by automating the process with precision. Simplifying the complexities of frothing different milk types, temperatures, and froth levels, it offers a hands-off approach. 

Just by placing the milk jug and pressing a button, users achieve consistently aerated milk. This function not only accelerates the frothing process but also enables multitasking without compromising the quality of the froth. Eversys eFoam streamlines the creation of latte art and cappuccinos, ensuring consistent, high-quality foam with minimal effort, catering to both seasoned baristas and enthusiasts alike.

Eversys EMT (Easy Milk Texturing)

Eversys’ EMT (Easy Milk Texturing) system pioneers hassle-free milk preparation in espresso machines. This innovative system automates the entire milk texturing process, ensuring consistent quality without manual intervention. By precisely controlling temperature and texture, it delivers silky, velvety microfoam ideal for specialty coffee beverages. 

The EMT system accommodates various milk types and adjusts to individual preferences, catering to diverse tastes seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making it accessible for both seasoned baristas and beginners. Eversys’ EMT system sets a new standard in milk preparation, guaranteeing exceptional quality and consistency, and elevating the coffee experience for aficionados and businesses alike.

Eversys eConnect

Eversys’ eConnect feature embodies streamlined maintenance and updates for modern espresso machines. It captures daily performance metrics, drink preferences, and technical issues in real-time, facilitating efficient machine management. 

This integrated technology ensures swift identification and resolution of potential issues, optimising machine functionality. With eConnect, businesses benefit from seamless monitoring and remote updates, enabling proactive maintenance and swift troubleshooting. Its capability to record and analyze data on the fly empowers businesses to maintain peak operational efficiency, making it a vital tool for businesses seeking advanced, user-friendly coffee machine solutions.

Eversys eLevelling

Eversys’ e’Leveling feature redefines precision in coffee-making equipment. By automatically adjusting the machine’s legs to adapt to uneven surfaces, it ensures a stable platform for consistent brewing. 

This innovative technology eliminates the hassle of manual adjustments, guaranteeing optimal machine balance on various countertops. With e’Leveling, baristas can focus on crafting exceptional beverages without worrying about instability or potential disruptions caused by uneven surfaces. 

This feature not only enhances operational efficiency but also underscores Eversys’ commitment to delivering reliable, user-friendly solutions that maintain consistency and quality in every cup served.

Eversys eClean

Eversys’ eClean feature redefines espresso machine maintenance by automating and simplifying cleaning processes. This innovation integrates an automated system capable of storing and dispensing cleaning tablets, streamlining upkeep tasks. With the press of a button, the machine effortlessly administers cleaning tablets, ensuring adherence to stringent hygiene standards without manual effort. 

The eClean feature efficiently handles month-long maintenance needs, reducing the burden on baristas or users. This user-friendly approach to maintenance not only ensures consistent cleanliness but also enhances the longevity and performance of Eversys machines, reflecting the brand’s commitment to effortless, high-quality coffee experiences.

Eversys Coffee Machine Models: A Guide to Finding the Right Machine for your Business

Eversys Cameo

best commercial coffee machine Melbourne

Much like the Eversys Enigma range, the Eversys Cameo boasts a superautomatic espresso design. What sets this model apart is its compact size, tailored for slower drink rotations.

Focused on medium-volume operations, these machines deliver up to 175 espresso and 170 hot water drinks hourly. Its dual-product capability and versatile steam wand enable exquisite latte art creation.

Who is the Eversys Cameo For?

Smaller Coffee Shops, Service Stations or small offices

The Eversys Cameo suits small coffee shops without a dedicated barista, ensuring consistent drink quality even during peak hours.

Cinemas, Theatres or Restaurants

Perfect for venues with lighter demands, the Cameo crafts premium beverages without the Enigma’s ultra-high capacity, catering to specific drink needs effectively, at a cheaper price point.

See the range of Eversys Cameo Coffee Machines.

Eversys Legacy

The Eversys Legacy is the latest model to come from Eversys, while being similar to the Eversys Cameo in terms of its Espresso output of 175 per hour, it can then produce 120 hot drinks per hour while the Cameo can produce 170. This is Eversys’ cheapest and most compact machine, measuring: 

W 360 x H 640 x D 600 mm

Who is the Eversys Legacy for?

The Eversys Legacy like the Cameo is ideal for small coffee shops, Self-Service petrol stations, or offices that don’t demand a significant output of coffee during peak hours.

Find out more about the Eversys Legacy

Eversys Enigma

The Enigma series encompasses a range of superautomatic espresso machines meticulously crafted for effortless operation. Within this lineup, the Eversys Enigma Traditional Superautomatic Espresso Machine and the Eversys Enigma Classic Superautomatic Espresso Machine stand as the primary models.

These superautomatic espresso machines offer an optimal solution tailored for bustling businesses that handle a high influx of customers alongside frequent employee turnover. Their streamlined operation significantly reduces the complexities involved in crafting coffee drinks compared to the more intricate semiautomatic machines. This efficiency becomes invaluable in environments where time is scarce, making the Enigma series an indispensable asset.

Especially in scenarios where extensive training for new staff isn’t feasible, the user-friendly approach of the Eversys Enigma machines proves revolutionary. They offer a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing even novices to create exceptional coffee beverages with ease. The top models in the enigma series can produce 525 espressos per hour

Who is the Eversys Enigma for?

The Eversys Enigma is perfectly suited to bustling environments that require a quick turnaround of coffee, a busy office with many staff for example, or a busy hotel with a dedicated coffee bar that would need to potentially produce up to 525 Espressos per hour which is what the Enigma’s top tiered coffee machine,  the Eversys Enigma E’6m / Classic for example can achieve. 

See the range of Eversys Enigma Coffee Machines.

Eversys Shotmaster

Introducing the Eversys Shotmaster, the compact powerhouse in the Eversys series. Unlike its counterparts, this superautomatic espresso machine boasts a remarkably smaller size, making it an optimal fit for high-volume environments. Crafting up to 350 espresso drinks per hour and up to 700 espressos per hour with the Eversys Shotmaster ms-pro/ST and accommodating four simultaneous orders, it’s tailored for bustling establishments catering to large crowds. Its slender design alleviates concerns about space constraints, seamlessly integrating into existing setups without the need for extensive reconfiguration.

Not just limited to espresso, the Shotmaster ms/ST effortlessly prepares hot water drinks, offering versatility for diverse customer preferences. Perfect for space-conscious coffee bars, shops, and restaurants seeking efficiency without compromising quality. Additionally, for businesses catering to varied tastes, the Shotmaster c/Classic, Shotmaster s/ST, and Shotmaster ms/ST models facilitate the concurrent production of steam and hot water, ensuring swift service for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate aficionados.

Who is the Eversys Shotmaster For?

The Eversys Shotmaster can make up to 4 shots simultaneously, which translates to up to 700 Espresso per hour,  this makes the machine perfect for very busy environments such as large offices, large restaurants with dedicated coffee bars that demand a very high volume turnaround.  

See the range of Eversys Shotmaster Coffee Machines.

Comparing the Eversys Coffee Machine Models

Eversys Enigma vs Cameo

Thee main differences between these machines is the output volume, the Enigma can produce a high volume 350 drinks per hour while the Cameo can produce a medium volume 175 drinks per hour, the Cameo is smaller and easier to use for beginners. 

Eversys Cameo vs Shotmaster

A battle of the tiny titans, both of these machines are small and can fit in locations with very little space, the real differences between these machines is the volume, the Cameo can produce 175 espressos per hour while the top tier shotmaster can produce 700 esppressos per hour

Eversys Enigma vs Shotmaster

The Enigma is a High-volume hero: This beast can churn out a staggering 350 espressos per hour, making it ideal for busy cafes and restaurants where the line never ends. Think rush hour on steroids  

The Shotmaster is a speed demon on wheels: This pint-sized powerhouse might be small, but it’s got the heart of a lion. It can whip out an impressive 700 espressos per hour, making it the Usain Bolt of the espresso world. Perfect for places that need to refuel the masses in a flash. 

Enigma is best suited for larger establishments like busy cafes, restaurants, or offices with substantial coffee demands. The Shotmaster excels in environments that need a balance between output and space efficiency, making it suitable for smaller to mid-sized locations.

Eversys Legacy vs Enigma

Master of espresso: While the Enigma offers more customisation, the Legacy focuses on perfecting the core espresso experience. It’s all about extracting the most flavour and aroma from every bean.

Choosing between the Eversys Enigma and Eversys Legacy depends on your businesses specific preferences for technological advancements, customisation needs, capacity requirements, and desired design elements for the establishment’s coffee needs.

Eversys Coffee Machine Price

  • The Eversys Legacy price starts at AU$19,275.00
  • The Eversys Cameo price starts at AU$27,720.00
  • The Eversys Enigma price starts at AU$44,000.00
  • The Eversys Shotmaster price starts at AU$35,000.00


As you can see that are quite a number of variables to consider before making the correct Eversys Coffee Machine choice for your business. After reading through the above if you’re still not sure contact us for more information, we are more than happy to help. Thanks for reading.

Frequently asked questions about Eversys Coffee Machines

Q: Why are Eversys Coffee Machines so Expensive?

A: Eversys coffee machines can cost a premium due to their exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and superior engineering. 

Renowned for delivering consistent, high-quality coffee in demanding commercial settings, their machines embody precision and innovation. The incorporation of advanced features, robust construction, and extensive customisation options contribute to their elevated price point. 

Additionally, Eversys prioritises durability and performance, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal downtime. This commitment to excellence, combined with their ability to meet the rigorous demands of high-volume environments while maintaining beverage quality, justifies the higher cost of Eversys coffee machines.

Having in-house coffee from an automatic coffee machine is one of the most productivity-enhancing investments any business can make.

Coffee Machines to Match any style.

Eversys espresso machines are trusted by the world’s finest coffee roasters, cafès, and restaurants for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics.

From an encounter between the worlds of design and coffee comes Faemina, for a top-level coffee experience you can enjoy at home. Make your choice among Classy Style models!

The Cappuccinos and Lattes you make can be a key profit driver for your business, which means that your coffee machine is perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for your business.

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