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The LaRhea Variplus range represents a remarkable advancement in the esteemed product lineup, introducing an innovative and cutting-edge family of fully customisable machines. These state-of-the-art devices are equipped with next-generation touchscreen technologies, which enhance their flexibility, intuitiveness, and ease of operation.

One of the key highlights of the LaRhea Variplus series is its adaptability. Each machine within the family can be tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of different industries and applications. This level of customisation empowers users to optimise the functionality and performance of the machines, ensuring that they perfectly align with their specific operational requirements.

At the heart of the LaRhea Variplus machines lies the next-generation touchscreen technology. These advanced touchscreens boast enhanced sensitivity, responsiveness, and precision, providing users with a seamless and intuitive interface. The touchscreens are designed to recognise multiple touch points simultaneously, allowing for intuitive gestures and interactions, similar to modern smartphones and tablets.

The flexibility of the LaRhea Variplus machines extends beyond their customisation options. The touchscreen interface enables users to effortlessly navigate through various features and settings, making operation and configuration a breeze. The user-friendly interface significantly reduces the learning curve associated with operating complex machinery, allowing operators to become proficient quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the touchscreen technology opens up possibilities for interactive features and functionalities. Users can access real-time data, monitor machine performance, and make adjustments on the fly, all with the swipe of a finger. The intuitive nature of the interface enhances productivity, as operators can swiftly respond to changing conditions and make informed decisions based on the information at their fingertips.

The LaRhea Variplus machines are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that the touchscreen interface is seamlessly integrated into the overall machine design. The placement and size of the touchscreen display are optimised for ease of use and clear visibility, enhancing the overall user experience.

In summary, the LaRhea Variplus series represents the latest evolution of the renowned product line. Its fully customisable nature, coupled with next-generation touchscreen technologies, offers unparalleled flexibility, intuitiveness, and ease of operation. With these innovative machines, users can streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and unlock new possibilities in their respective industries.

rheavenadors la Rhea V+ grande

Rheavendors best seller. Hybrid technology with the Xtra canister for personalized products like fairtrade instant mixes or lactose-free powdered milk


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Explore the laRhea variplus V Line Range of options

laRhea V eClaRhea V grandelaRhea V grande premiumlaRhea V grande 2 premiumlaRhea V doppio & cup
variflex 45 or 36
high speed grinder
3.5" colour display--
touch panel--
touch screen---
cup station coloursilversilversilversilversilver
gridstainless steelstainless steelstainless steelstainless steelblack
cup dispenser (plastic)----70-265 / 73-210
cup dispenser (paper)---70-160 / 73-160 / 80-12570-160 / 73-160 / 80 -125
stirrers (90-105-115mm)----(max 265)
direct selectionsup to 12up to 12up to 48up to 48up to 12
height (mm)560619666668832
depth (mm)537585585585601
width (mm)318422422422476
no. of coffee grinders11121
max no. of canisters1+2 (B+S)1+4 (B+S+S+S) / 1+3 (B+B+S) 1+4 (S+S+S+S) / 1+3 (S+B+S) / 1+2 (B+B)2+3 (S+S+S) / 2+2 (B+S)1+5 (S+S+S+S+S) / 1+4 (S+S+S+B) / 1+3 (S+B+B)
no. of mixing bowls12223
electrical supply (V-Hz)230-50/60230-50/60230-50/60230-50/60230-50/60
power (W)30003000300030003000
water supplyplumbedplumbedplumbedplumbedplumbed
std front side panels colourbrownbrownbrownbrownbrown
opt. front side panels coloursilver / black / woodsilver / black / woodsilver / black / woodsilver / black / woodsilver / black / wood
cup sensoroptionaloptionaloptionaloptional


If you’re unfamiliar with Rheavendors, it’s worth noting that they’re a significant player in the global coffee machine solutions market. Their business model revolves around creating a range of coffee machine solutions that can be sold to retailers and distributors all over the world, with the added benefit of allowing these resellers to re-brand the machines under their own names.

The Rheavendors brand has been around for many decades, since its inception in 1960 with its first vending machine for gumballs. Since then, the company has come a long way and has established a reputation for itself in the coffee machine industry.

Rheavendors’ coffee vending machine solutions cater to various needs and preferences. For instance, they offer machines that can produce instant coffee, ground coffee, coffee capsules, and other hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate. Their range of machines can also accommodate different cup sizes, which makes them a versatile option for various settings.

One of Rheavendors’ standout products is their fresh milk coffee vending machines. These machines can produce a range of coffee drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos, that use fresh milk instead of powdered milk. This results in a superior taste and texture that’s difficult to replicate with other types of machines.

Another key feature of Rheavendors’ coffee vending machines is their user-friendliness. The machines are designed with intuitive interfaces that make them easy to operate and maintain. This is particularly important for businesses that need to provide quick and efficient service to their customers.

In summary, Rheavendors has a long and successful history in the coffee machine industry, and their range of solutions caters to a wide range of needs and preferences. With their focus on user-friendliness and product innovation, it’s no wonder they’re one of the largest international exporters of coffee machine solutions.

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Having in-house coffee from an automatic coffee machine is one of the most productivity-enhancing investments any business can make.

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Rhea espresso machines are trusted by the world’s finest coffee roasters, cafès, and restaurants for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics.

The Cappuccinos and Lattes you make can be a key profit driver for your business, which means that your coffee machine is perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for your business.


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We would recommend using Service Sphere as your go-to for Rheavendors Coffee Machine Repairs.

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