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History of the Mocha Cappuccino

History of the Mocha Cappuccino - Inherited Flavours From Italy

The recipe of mocha cappuccino is traditionally a chocolate-flavoured coffee with equal parts formed milk, espresso, and steamed milk. The difference between a mocha and a cappuccino is that mocha refers to the chocolate added to the coffee, and cappuccino refers to the style with steamed milk and espresso as a base.

Its popularity stems from the artful combination of 2 aromatic products – coffee and chocolate. Because the mocha cappuccino is espresso-based with an even ratio of foamed milk and steamed milk, it’s stronger than the typical latte but much smoother than a macchiato or flat white.

Imagine hot chocolate but frothy and caffeinated, accompanied by the rich flavour of your favourite coffee beans.

Origins of the mocha cappuccino

With all of its fame in America, you would be surprised to know that the mocha half of the mocha cappuccino originated in Yemen.

Originally, coffee was considered medicinal by Arabs, as it helped them say that they’d play late at night. Soon, though, it is dark and bitter flavour spread outward and become part of the civilian diet. Mocha is a port city in Yemen that used to be known for its coffee exports.

Once Europeans caught wind of the coffee, and it became a cultural staple in the 1700s, mocha becomes a focal point for the European coffee trade.

Europeans got access to mocha coffee and started to equate it to another premium export – chocolate. As for the cappuccino half of history, Italian friars called the capuchins wore robes of milky brown shade.

When cappuccino became popular, its shade resembled that of the capuchin robes, and so it was named after them.

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Though the basic concept of mocha cappuccino is the same all around, there’re different ingredients, distributions, and additions depending on the recipe. Some of the recipes use chocolate syrup, while others use cocoa powder or both.

The chocolate syrup has sugar and vanilla added, so a mocha made with syrup will be on the sweeter side. Traditional cappuccinos have distinct layers of milk and espresso, but a few recipes blend the ingredients to make a combined coffee.

Others yet add ice to change the temp of the coffee or include alcohol additives to spike the drink. They’re even easier ways to put combine a mocha cappuccino with instant coffee mixes and coffee pods. By these means, you can use a brewing system or just mix with your preferred ingredients like cinnamon and milk.

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How to Make a perfect Mocha Cappuccino

What you will need

  •       A home brewer
  •       Steaming wand or frother
  •       Mug
  •       Pitcher
  •       4 tbsp. cocoa powder
  •       1 cup of strongly brewed coffee
  •       1 cup of milk
  •       Chocolate syrup, to taste
  •       Cinnamon, to taste


  1.     Brew your coffee even though you normally do so, making sure that it’s brewed strongly to resemble espresso.
  2.     Combine your cocoa powder and milk into a single mixture, stirring to dissolve clumps of powder
  3.     Heat the mixture in the oven to your desired temp, stirring after removing it from the microwave oven.
  4.     Transfer your hot chocolate and milk into a pitcher and steam until bubbles form a thick froth on top of the milk.
  5.     Pour the espresso into your preferred mug, adding the steamed chocolate milk over it, and then the remaining froth.
  6.     Optional – Top with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.

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Important tips

  • There are several tools you can use to brew coffee. We recommend an automatic coffee machine or French Press, depending on your desired coffee strength.
  •  You can use a stream wand, French Press, or even a whisk to make that thickness stream.
  • Though a traditional cappuccino cup is white, if you’d like to present the layers in a more visually appealing way, you can put your coffee in a clear glass or mug.
  • To make an ice mocha cappuccino, remove step three and after brewing the coffee, chill in the freezer for thirty minutes to an hour.
  • If you prefer sweeter touch, replace the cocoa powder with three TBSP chocolate syrup



When should I drink mocha cappuccino?

Cappuccinos are traditionally consumed in the morning due to their extremely filling nature from the milk. In Italy, milky coffee is normally only enjoyed before noon, mainly because of its filling nature. It’s believed to be very heavy for afternoon drinking and shouldn’t be taken after a heavy meal.

What are the ways to fancy up the cappuccino?

Instead of just garnishing with cinnamon, you can add it into the milk mixture for a further spice drink. You can also add some drops of vanilla extract and a pinch of sugar for a mellow but sweet addition. If you’ve guests and want to present your drink nicely, find clear mugs and carefully pour your coffee to separate the layers.

What if I do not eat dairy?

That’s no issue at all. This cappuccino recipe can be simply made vegan with a simple substitution: dairy-free milk. Feel free to use your preferred type – Soy, almond, oat, and coconut are a few top favourites. I recommend almond milk; it has a nutty touch that pairs well with the earthy undertones of chocolate and coffee.

Wrapping up…

With the rise of coffee popularity globally comes a need for a nice recipe that you can make yourself so that you can enjoy a quality coffee from the comfort of your own home and without spending the additional amount on a single up.

This mocha cappuccino recipe is super delicious and easy, and it would not break your bank. With roots across the Eastern Hemisphere from the Middle East to European countries, you get a hint of the past and its rich cultural origins each time you take a sip.

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3. Temperature control

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4. Brewing

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6. Creating

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