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Eversys Enigma Review

The future of traditional coffee machines is celebrated in EVERSYS new appearance e-line, an espresso machine that embraces advanced technology, design aesthetics, and guaranteed return on investment at a time when buying decisions will be measured and safety is supreme.

Just as a physician utilises extreme precision to perform facelifts and provide patients with a more youthful appearance, EVERSYS designers and engineers have worked for hand in hand to provide its original e-line with a revitalised appearance with glowing outcomes.

Now called Eversys Enigma, the latest line encompasses 2 models with multiple solutions and combinations that embrace the Swiss coffee machine brand’s version for super traditional coffee machines.

As a brand, we have seen the industry evolve and we truly believe that Enigma machine is the next-gen line of coffee machines that, in our opinion, represent the mass total of our experience over the past ten years.

It also predicts the bright future and thinks about what the industry is going to need moving ahead, says CCO of EVERSYS Kamal Bengougam.

We believe customers will want a customizable coffee machine, that’s the centrepiece of their shop, that’s functional and has power. There’s also a sense of aesthetic whereby super-automatic now goes beyond features into the realm of appeal and morphs into a super conventional machine.

Now we have moved to the next stage and made a complete statement in the market that EVERSYS genuinely stands for innovation.

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Eversys Enigma from the hands out

EVERSYS established the original e’line in 2012, which was the market’s 1st taste of EVERSYS commitment to super-automatic coffee machines that performed like traditional models. 8 years on, the Head of design at EVERSYS, Alexandre Rossier, says the time was perfect to update the e’ line with the intro of new features and improved design to meet current market trends and needs!

When designing any piece, from a prosthetic leg to a car to a sneaker, it has to be from the inside out. The functionality supports in-cup quality, it does not drive it. It is not about creating a new design for the sake of it.

It must forever enhance a product for the betterment, he says, design can only work efficiently if it fits in with the tech objectives of our engineering group, the requirements of our clients, and matches the brand vision. In the case of EVERSYS, it always starts with the client and in-cup quality.

In the past, he says people have considered super-automatic coffee machines as simple push-button coffee machines, but unlike conventional models, they’re evolving and transforming themselves in terms of design and top quality to become a complete market solution.

The New Enigma includes e’4, modelled on a 2 group coffee machine, the Shot master, a slim unit with 2 coffee dispensing outlets, and the shot master with 2 dispensing outlets and an integrated 1.5 step milk texturing capability. Every model comes with side module accessory options, including e’ choco with 2 powder canisters, e’ fridge with 9ltr capacity and an e’ cup heater with 4 heating plate cup heaters!

The Eversys Enigma range is made to be authentic and timeless. Entire its parts are modular, with a rounded rectangle styling theme consistently reflected in the body form, drip tray, and screens. The new display screens are 27% bigger at 10.1” with a higher resolution and bigger viewing angle to make product selection easier.

It also permits videos to run thanks to a more powerful central processing unit, running on a Linux OS. The coffee outlet is an entirely new design that bridges the appearance of a conventional coffee machine with a super traditional machine.

The coffee machine is available in 2 versions. Earth and tempest, with side panels in natural aluminium and copper colour, respectively, the top of the coffee machine and the drip trays are made of resistant robust stainless steel.

The coffee bean hoppers and cup guards have darker hues, and the front of the coffee machines evokes a black, glossy finish. A light coffee cup guard helps decrease the coffee machine’s perceived height, while the outlet is made with better haptics and ergonomics.

The Enigma line of Eversys Coffee Machines has improved the use of metals in each direction, making up more than 90% of the coffee machine. Our choice to use metal will also achieve coffee machine longevity because metal does not age, making it sustainable.

It is a rich, strong, indestructible material, which promotes a certain quality and elegance compared to coffee machines made with several plastic elements, he says. Metal has forever been part of our world, he worked as a pro trumpet player before becoming a designer and spent twenty years in the automotive industry, designing sports vehicles, motorbikes, and race cars.

In the world of the vehicle of racing, you need the product to look great, but it needs to be effective too. There’re ways to shave kilos off a bike to allow it to go faster, but it also needs to be reliable, technically sound, and consistent. It is the same when designing machines, you need to have super consistency in the design that is reflected in every part of the coffee machine, he says.

Eversys Coffee Machine Australia

True Visionary

Product manager of EVERSYS, Thorsten Schindler, the man behind the 1st super traditional machine, Cameo launched at 2017 Host Milano. Unlike Cameo, which is small in size and positioned for the specialty market, the remodelled Enigma line is destined for venues with better throughput, especially espresso chains.

As such, the R and D team was entrusted with the job of creating several machines that complemented the cameo design, but also delivered the similar in-cup consistency and quality the market demanded.

I was already pleased with the in-cup quality from the actual e’ line, so we decided to retain the multiple things we did well and adapt them into a new appearance. We identified what we’d improve in the tech, and we decided that this’d be milk foam quality. And now, in my personal opinion, it’s a completely improved line, he says.

The improvements include the intro of EVERSYS e’leveling unit to make a more compact and even extraction, and EVERSYS new milk tech that improves temperature stability, electronic set-up of foam thickness, and foam texturing.

Units can also cater to 2 sorts of milk options. The new Eversys Enigma range has improved geometry for self-cleaning and comes with optimal inclusions of the EVERSYS 1.5 step auto milk frothing arm to let the barista do their work with more consistency and skill.

The refreshed line also takes into account user productivity. For example, the new shot master pro can produce 8 shots at a time. Its small size is perfect for high-volume cafes where the counter room is limited. The other advantage is improved remote monitoring and controls of the coffee machine. Operators can access dashboard info remotely, access weekly or monthly volume reports, and be notified when the coffee machine has run out of cups or beans and place a new order.

New Norm

In this dynamic norm, Kamal says buyers will think 2 times about what to invest their hard-earned money in, assuring their buying decisions guarantees return on investment and keep maintenance expenses low. For this reason, they need a coffee machine that’s built to last.

No longer will people only purchase a coffee machine just because it seems cool. In this new world, I believe everyone will be more cost-conscious and revenue-driven. From an operator perspective, you have to make money and survive, he says.

People will need to have decreased labour costs, and coffee machines like the Shot Master provide them the capability to operate at a high level of productivity, so you minimise costs, optimise revenue, and have a chance of being more profitable.

The main concept behind the Enigma line was to offer people a tool to let them develop and run profitable businesses. Before the outbreak hit, Kamal says, he felt the market was ready for a steep change, and what the worldwide outbreak has done is create a platform to accelerate the paradigm shift. 

The world is rotating and we’ve no option but to move forward. At EVERSYS, we’re constantly trying to see where the market is evolving and how we can best align. Whatever we create must be pertinent and tend to market requirements, he says, we know everyone is thinking about design, thinking about becoming profitable and wanting to describe themselves via their tools.

The launch of the EVERSYS Enigma coffee machine line will take place in September. Kamal says planning has been a couple of years in the making, but the new range has arrived at a time when we are required to become competitive and embrace this time of renewed creativity.

I predict the market will go through a rebuilding exercise when it’ll be about regaining what was lost, followed by a time of renewed growth, he says.

Businesses almost need to reinvent themselves in this new model and bear in mind that this is the start of a new day, not the end.

We need to make coffee machines with the super flexibility to adapt, and with elements that can be customised to adjust individual requirements, and that we have done.

We at EVERSYS are offering the industry something disruptively fresh and creative so that when venues reopen, you can send a text to your customers that say, I am embracing this new reality, with products and equipment that have been made to complement times like this.

Why Eversys Coffee Machines

Consistent Coffee Quality

The Extraction Time Control (ETC) is a software-based Quality Control System that gives the customer the ability to manage and control brand standards, through its intelligent algorithm, ensuring the highest Quality, Consistency and Reliability of each product. With multiple sites and regular turnover in staff, the consistency of the product can vary greatly. The ETC provides you with the ability to not only monitor but also to control and influence all of your key parameters remotely, providing a familiar customer experience.

In-Cup quality

Type in the dose of coffee you need, how much water to pass through, and a desired brewing time, hit calibrate, and the equipment will adjust the grinder to achieve this target. Also, the machine guides your operator on his daily routine by forcing recalibration every morning with the push of a single button. The self-calibration will tailor your coffee products to fit the bespoke nature of your business and ensure consistency of your in-cup quality time and again.


Eversys equipment is built in modules, ensuring rapid access for technical intervention with minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Eversys machines are equipped with two grinders allowing for two parallel recipes to be set up at a time, and you can even choose to dose some powder from each grinder and produce it through a singular extraction. The ventilation, which is set below the bean hoppers, drives out unwanted heat and moisture. Electronic control maintains consistency of product throughout the day.

The brewing chamber holds up to a significant 24 g of coffee, allowing for a wide range of brewing recipes. The Reverse extraction brewing system optimises powder efficiency as the espresso is produced.

The steam / water unit provides temperature consistency and unsurpassed productivity.

Milk is frothed with steam – like a traditional barista – through a set of reactors, ensuring optimal texture and taste.

The hydraulic module is dedicated to the sole production of coffee, 1.6 litres of water guarantee unfettered productivity.

E'levelling System

Automatic levelling is the ability to initiate a movement to the brew chamber, creates a vibration which enables the powder in the chamber to spread more evenly, which leads to a better, more consistent extraction. This movement is a replica of what the barista does- taps the portafilter, after grinding up fresh beans in order to render the powder more compact.

1.5-Step Programme

The Eversys 1.5 Step is a new milk option that allows you to create perfect milk-based products without having much training. The system automatically dispenses the frothed milk through the wand at the same time as the espresso is being poured into the cup. With the help of a perfectly textured milk, staff are then able to create latte art designs. Due to its proficient technology, the machine dispenses the correct quantity of milk each time, reducing wastage.

The Eversys e'API

Our API can synchronise automatically, read your ERP system and provide you with real time synchronised data. Furthermore, it can provide vendors access to P2P encryption used for mobile payments.

Eversys Coffee MAchine Features

1. Grinding

Eversys designed ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor, whose heat is cleverly channelled away from the coffee beans, to maintain their quality, via a set of fans. Electronic control maintains consistency of product throughout the day, ensuring optimal extraction at all times.

2. e'Levelling & Tamping

Automatic Levelling is the ability to initiate a movement to the brewing chamber, create a vibration which enable the powder in the chamber to spread more evenly, which leads to a better, more consistent extraction. The 24 -gram brewing chamber to facilitate single cycle large beverages is controlled by electronic tamping to guarantee consistent quality.

3. Temperature control

Dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water/ steam boiler, provide productivity and temperature stability, essential parts of in-cup quality.

4. Brewing

Reverse gravity extraction vertical infusion optimises powder efficiency as the espresso is produced.


5. Milk Frothing

Milk is frothed with steam in the one-step system, promoting flavour as well as texture, mirroring the barista experience.


6. Creating

All products are pre-programmed to be dispensed in a consistent and efficient manner, placing seamless productivity and quality at the forefront of the customer experience.

Coffee Machines to Match any style.

Eversys espresso machines are trusted by the world’s finest coffee roasters, cafès, and restaurants for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics.

Having in-house coffee from an automatic coffee machine is one of the most productivity-enhancing investments any business can make.

The Cappuccinos and Lattes you make can be a key profit driver for your business, which means that your coffee machine is perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for your business.

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