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Casadio Undici 2 Group Compact SG White



With a rich heritage dating back to 1950, Casadio has established itself as a revered and renowned specialist in coffee equipment within the hospitality industry. Founded by Nello Casadio in Bologna, Italy, the company has garnered immense appreciation and recognition for its commitment to delivering exceptional coffee solutions.

In 2009, Casadio embarked on a transformative journey when it became a part of the esteemed Gruppo Cimbali. This strategic alliance infused the brand with a renewed sense of innovation and propelled it to new heights of excellence in both brand identity and technological advancements. This revival breathed fresh life into Casadio, paving the way for the development of an extensive range of cutting-edge products that cater to the diverse needs of coffee professionals.

Today, Casadio boasts a comprehensive lineup of products that encompass professional espresso coffee machines and professional coffee grinders. Each piece of equipment is meticulously designed and crafted to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, embodying the company’s unwavering dedication to quality.

Casadio’s professional espresso coffee machines are renowned for their precision and consistency, allowing baristas to achieve the perfect extraction every time. From compact models ideal for small spaces to larger machines suitable for high-volume establishments, Casadio offers a diverse range to cater to varying operational requirements.

Complementing their espresso machines, Casadio also offers professional coffee grinders that are built to deliver optimal grinding performance. With precise grind settings and robust construction, these grinders ensure that coffee beans are ground to perfection, unlocking the full potential of flavour profiles.

Through their continued commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Casadio has earned the trust of coffee professionals worldwide. Whether in bustling cafes, restaurants, or speciality coffee shops, Casadio’s equipment consistently delivers outstanding results, enabling baristas to showcase their craft and delight coffee enthusiasts with exceptional brews.

Casadio’s legacy of excellence and its affiliation with Gruppo Cimbali has elevated the brand to new heights of recognition and success within the coffee industry. With a steadfast focus on innovation, advanced technology, and customer-centric solutions, Casadio continues to push boundaries, setting new standards for coffee equipment and solidifying its position as a leading name in the hospitality market.

Casadio Undici 2 Group Compact SG White

The Undici is a compact, elegant, versatile machine that’s easy to use, adjust and maintain. It is made of steel and aluminium. It has a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that’s adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent in-cup results. The new, mechanical button pad is in metal and lies flush with the machine and it’s user-friendly and precise, thanks to the LED lights.

Features include:

  • Equipment with a micro-processor for easy programming
  • Fixed-nozzle thermosiphon system
  • Volumetric Control push button, on each group head
  • Raised groups for tall cups
  • Available in white
Casadio Undici 2 Group Compact SG White

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Explore the Casadio Undici Range of options

1 Group HG2 Group HG2 Group Compact3 Group HG
Power (Amp)15201532
Rated Power (W)2800-33002800-33002800-33005600-6600
Voltage (V)240240240240
Boiler Capacity510.5715
Steam Arms1222
SizeW 432 x D 598 X H 570W 712 x D 528 x H 570W 550 x D 528 x H 529W 922 x H 598 x D 570
Net Weight (kg)37.5505666

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We would recommend using Service Sphere as your go-to for Casadio Coffee Machine Repairs.

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